MCAA info day 2021 - questionnaire to MCAA members


Dear MCAA members,
It is now about a year since the Networking day organized by MCAA-Italy Chapter on October 13 2019.
The goal of the event was to put in contact the industrial world with the MCAA excellence (program here:
The event was very successful and we had positive immediate feedback with a big interest in repeating it in the following years.

With the new chapter organization, we are planning to do a similar event (or a series of short events) next Spring. The goal will be to build a channel of exchange/communication between the MCAA excellence (its members) and industry and business partners. To achieve that, we think to make this an annual event. Therefore, there will be a follow-up actions after the meeting.

To organize an event matching best with your interests, we would like to have a feedback from you on the past meeting. Please take few minutes of your time to complete the short questionnaire available from the link below:

If anyone is interested in participating to the planning of these meetings and to the follow-up actions, please join us.

Greetings and we take this occasion to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Vladislav, Federico, Alessandra, Luigi, Francesca and Maria