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Dr Jenny Lind Elmaco moderated the MSCA Individual Fellowships Applications webinar organized by EURAXESS ASEAN targeted for Singapore researchers/potential applicants.  Invited speakers include Dr Chow Pei Sze and Dr Irvine Ong, two Singaporean researchers who are currently carrying out post-doctoral research as MSCA Fellows in Europe. This webinar was conducted on 27th April 2020 and attended not only by Singaporean researchers, but also from nearby countries.

This is a part of a webinar series, with these venues and dates:
Singapore, 27/4/2020 at 2pm (local time)
Malaysia, 4/5/2020 at 3pm (local time)
Philippines, 8/5/2020 at 4pm (local time)
Indonesia, 14/5/2020 at 2pm (local time)