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Dear all,

In conjunction with Spanish Researchers UK, on 14th or 15th January (tbd), we will be hosting a 'Meet the Scientist' event at a pub in London. It will be similar to a Pint of Science and we are looking for potential speakers/suggestions.

The theme of the evening will be Reproducibility:

Reproducibility is at the core of any scientific research. Such is so that more and more, journals and funding bodies are making a stronger emphasis on open research, open access and open data. Achieving amazing things is not enough: these have to be accessible to anyone, in full, so other experts, and also the wider public who often pay for that research with their taxes, can judge the validity and value of those achievements.

This Meet the Scientist event will bring together experts in different disciplines, who will cover several aspects of reproducible research as it applies to their fields, the challenges they face and the remaining steps to make research truly open.

If you would like to get involved, please email mcaauk@gmail.com.


Mark (on behalf of the MCAA UK Chapter)