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Dear all,
I have just started my Individual Fellowship in UK at the University of Wolverhampton. I would like to share some information and experiences about the role of your supervisor.
According to the grant agreement, do you know which is the role of the supervisor? I feel sometimes like a Phd student but I have a Research Fellow contract.
Who manages your funds? You or your supervisor? I mean...if you want to attend a Conference or if I want to buy a laptop, hasthe Marie Curie research fellow the freedom of these choices or everything is under the evaluation of the supervisor (as when you are phd student)?
Theoretically, when you are a Research Fellow you are like a Lecturer (with a "research focus") and you have a certain independency....Do I wrong?
Is there any EU documents that may help in clarify my position, roles, responsibilities and rights? I did not find this specific point in the agreement
Thanks a lot for any information/experiences about this point.