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Dear fellows, at our ITN most of the ESR will finish their contracts on the next august. As most of us did not finish our PhD yet, we are all considering extension to finish the degree. The ITN continues until february 2019, but now the question is, should we fight to continue with a MC Fellow, instead of the contract as regular German PhD students? If so, would you know if that is supported someone by the guidelines or by the EU? Cheers carlos



Thanks a lot

Fellows, indeed great to have a feedback from all.

Indeed it is not really a choice since we do have to finish. In fairness, the money reduction is not bad as it will also get me rid of the curse that is to receive more money than the other PhD students and on the curse of always being reduced to "ah you earn more so why do you need money to go for a conference or to pay your secondment". 

My issue is more on the permanent residence and future citizenship application.

Indeed not really a choice


I haven´t yet met anyone finishing within the 36 months (including defense) either. What [officially] can happen is that you can arrange with your boss to get paid less (nobody really wants that) and extend a couple months.

Or perhaps the institution where you are is able to give you small extensions via a "stipend" usually the 1350€ (which is already a half time fixed value for phd students), which you do not pay tax, only the health insurance.

Probably not much choice


I suspect, you won't be very successful in fighting for continuing as a fellow: the ITN will have a fixed budget for fellows and they can only spend the money they have. If the university is offering you a German PhD position (which I assume includes funding from a different source), I would consider that a very good offer even if it means a paycut.