On housing coverage during secondmment

Dear Fellows,


I am Carlos, Early Stage Researcher (ESRs) representative for the NABBA consortium. We are two PhD in Germany.

We recently started our activites, but we are already concern on the secondmments (or mobilities).

I would like to ask other ESR if during their mobility, the housing (accomodation expenses) are being covered by the hosting institution ? Or the ESR are using the 600 euros/month mobility allowance to cover that?






Which coordinator?


Hi Carlos, Which cordinator is it, the local from your University or the project coordinator, in any case as Tanja said the EU clearly states that salary and mobility allowance shall be paid in full to the fellow, this includes not…

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Dear Tanja, Thank you for the detailed answer, it is strange to me that so many people have trouble with their secondment, but it seems to be a Germany only thing, I am the only one of two from Germany in my project and we are the…

Hello Tanja

Hello Tanja, thank you for sharing your experience. The thing is how the secondments are being considered. Because in our case, our coordinator says that if the trip is for one week to one month then it is covered by the program. But…

I will


Not for 2014 cause I dind't do any secondment and any business travel during the first 6 months of my PhD, but this year I travelled quite a lot so I will bring everything with me to the tax office when I go for 2015 declaration. I…



Hi Carlos and all, for me it was clear from the beginning when I signed the contract that I was getting reimbursed only for the travelling but no housing and daily allowance during secondment. I really think it vaires from host…

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Dear Carlos, The EU rules are qite specific in that your employer must cover all expensen for the secondment (it is a long "dienstreise" and that is how your employer shoud see it) I know from experience that German employers try to…