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Invitation to the Online Greece Chapter 2022 Winter Meeting and Virtual Vasilopita Cutting!

RESEARCH INNOVATION AND CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP Do you want to hear about.... - How Multidisciplinarity promotes Innovation but also Creative Thinking and Creative Entrepreneurship? - The role of Technology in Innovation and Entrepreneurship? - The role of Social Sciences and the so-called "Cultural and Creative Industries" (CCIs) in Innovation and Entrepreneurship? If yes, then join us on February 25th by registering at !


MCAA Swiss Outreach Workshop on 21st May 2022: Full-day Workshop focusing on different aspects of Science Communication. It will be followed-up by social meeting at UZH and dinner in Zurich. Pre-registration, agenda and other details will be announced soon.

Virtual live event on OVERSKILLING in Hard science PhD | 3 may 2022

Dear MCAA Italy Chapter Members, Next 3rd of May 2022 at 16:00 there will be a virtual live event on the Overskilling issue that may affect the job search process for PhDs and researchers, focused on Hard sciences. The event is free and will be held in Italian. The event is organized by Find Your Doctor in collaboration with the MCAA Italy Chapter and ADI and it will be in the FYD social media channels. Free registration (not compulsory, but useful to get a reminder and links):
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