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Families and Mobility: Geographical and Cultural challenges

Researchers in academia/industry are more likely to delay family planning. Thus, professional development is often in conflict with the strong desire for personal plans, including family planning and parenthood. There has been a positive movement towards equity of opportunity around family planning. However, recent studies show that attention is still needed to tackle existing problems, such as childcare costs and struggle of keeping a career in research. We will build upon the themes of Issues and Action to find equity, mapping different geographical/cultural challenges for mobile researchers. The event will cover some of the most critical problems and the possible strategies to address these issues through (i) building awareness and empowerment (ii) mapping different national approaches (iii) motivating changes in current employer policies

MCAA-UK Chapter social (GLASGOW) - Thu 14 July, 6pm BST

MCAA-UK_Glasgow Thursday socials Join Quentin and other MSCA fellows and alumni for a fun and informal evening social at the pub. This is a great opportunity to meet and create new connections with other like-minded researchers and professionals in your city!
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