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This group aims to provide career development information to MCAA members. The group allows us to share information about career fairs, jobs, research funding and events.

Membership of the group is fully open to all MCAA members. Please feel free to post any relevant information.


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Latest Events

WORKSHOP: How to write a successful IF MSCA proposal in Mathematics and Computer Science


The Department of Mathematics and Computers Science is organizing a practical 2-day training on how to write a successful IF MSCA proposal in Mathematics and Computer Science. The Event is organized by an experienced Vice-Chair of the MSCA calls (Head of the Project Management Department) and the two-day event will be composed of practical material lead by an IF MSCA Grant holder, experienced IF MSCA supervisor in the field and a Vice-Chair/evaluator of the proposal grants. 3 traveling grants for international applicants are guaranteed. For more information please visit:

Starting your career in Heritage Science at ISPC-CNR: MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships Infoday


The Industry Collaboration Tool-kit: how to communicate and design industry collaborations for PhDs & Postdocs


UK Chapter workshop - Become a Superstar Communicator and Influence Anyone


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