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CALL FOR PAPERS! Special Issue - "Universities’ Contributions to Societal Development"

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on "Universities’ Contributions to Societal Development" at MDPI Social Scoeinces (Open Access)

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MANNA is the European Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition designed to establish an EU network whose mission is to provide a Double Doctorate level training programme, valid throughout all Europe, on innovative technologies applied to animal science and nutrition.

After Horizon 2020, the new R&D budget proposes a modest increase to 100B Euro

up from 80 Billion for the period 2014-2020. So this is about a 3%-4% annual increase only proposed, which is marginally higher than the rate fo inflation for most years in some of tghe EU countries.

Many scientists think this is less than ambitious; though the EU has other issues to deal with - such as the potential loss of the UK contribution.