Interview with Alessandra Treviso – Member of the ‘Communication’ and ‘Networking & Events’ MCAA working groups


Alessandra Treviso
  1. Ms Treviso, you participated at the MSCA event during ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen. How inspirational was this?

The most inspirational thing was being there with so many MC Fellows from different research areas, but sharing the same experience. I felt part of a community of excellent researchers. We are most of the time focused on our research and I think we tend to forget how ambitious the MSC Action is, and the role we have in pushing knowledge and economic development forward. I found it very motivating.

  1. Which workshops did you attend? Which themes and keynotes interested you at this event?

I attended the “Working within a team: giving and receiving feedback” workshop, which is an important part of our work. We are constantly communicating with our supervisors and team, so it is important to understand how to do it in a positive way.

I also found the plenary session about Transferrable skills and CVs very useful. It is amazing how many skills we use daily and develop during our research path without even knowing!

  1. Do you have a few words to say about the poster session?

The poster session during the satellite event was very interesting. Because I did not present a poster myself, I had the opportunity to go around and see what research looks like outside of my field. I could feel the passion of all these young researchers and commitment to their work. Interaction among different fields was very evident. There was a genuine interest and many interesting conversations started.

  1. How do you think the MCAA benefits from being represented at ESOF 2014?

ESOF provided more visibility for the association. I think that being an active part of the event gave an important message: the MCAA is truly a lively association and as such, it wants to be part of relevant events for the community of Marie Curie Fellows.

  1. In three words, could you sum up your experience?

Inspiration – Networking – Commitment 

  1. Do you think that the visibility of the association will be increased after ESOF 2014? How?

It definitely will. Many fellows asked questions about the association and were really interested in being part of it. I am quite confident that the number of members will increase following the conference.

  1. Will you represent the Association at future events? Which?

I hope so! The Communication Working Group met in July and defined our agenda for the upcoming months.

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