10 popular blogs for researchers


There are so many science blogs out there now that it is difficult to choose only a few to recommend. As many are grouped together in networks, it is however possible to follow several of the internet’s best science writers at the same time. Here we have chosen some of the top blogging networks for you to check out. Some are serious, some funny, some are technical, some political. All have their merits so have a quick look through and decide what suits you.

National Geographic

The National Geographic network, known as Phenomena, hosts some of the internet’s best known science bloggers including Carl Zimmer and Ed Yong, who bring science to life with colourful and informed writing on the latest research. Laelaps by Brian Switek provides great coverage of paleontology.

The Guardian’s Science Blog Network

As one of the top newspapers covering scientific topics, it is no surprise that the Guardian also has an active science blogging network. What makes this blog even stronger is that the writers are given the freedom to write about anything they choose, without editorial interference, adding depth and perspective to the newspaper’s coverage, and also providing humour and less mainstream commentary.

Scientific American Blogs

Here you’ll find both staff-written blogs from the professional writers at Scientific American and invited bloggers who discuss and share opinions related to science.

Science Blogs

Over 60 bloggers selected on the basis of their originality, insight, talent, and dedication provide up-to-date coverage of their different scientific fields. Here you will find the ever-entertaining PZ Myers and his blog Pharyngula, where you’ll find his thoughts on cephalopods and much more besides.


The American science and technology magazine has an active group of bloggers, including Maryn McKenna, who is at the forefront of writing about infectious disease.


Scientopia is a community of bloggers who love to write about science. They explore the interplay between scientific issues and other parts of our lives with the shared goal of making science more accessible.

Occams Typewriter

This is another independent blogging community where you can find posts by the respected physicist Athene Donald, who blogs about her views and opinions on the scientific life, and Jenny Rohn, the scientist, novelist, and activist. It is also worth checking out Lablit, a site launched by Jenny Rohn, and the spiritual home of all fiction and creative writing about scientists.

PLoS Blogs

The network of this open-access journal has six staff-written blogs from PLOS journal editors or departmental teams, and a variety of independent bloggers writing on scientific topics.


Another magazine based blog, including the popular Neuroskeptic.


Last, but not least – Scilogs, supported by Nature, is a great place to find a variety of science bloggers writing on many topics, and new bloggers are welcome to join them.

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