Universal Takeover of Beneficiary question


Hello all,

I have a question about the process needed to complete a universal takeover process for an ITN. 

One of our beneficiaries is a company in Italy, which recently sold some of its business units to another company (including the units related to its participation in the project) in the same country. The "old" company, the one that is a member in our project, will continue existing for some time, but not for long. Our EU PO said it's the case of an UTRO, but since the old company will keep existing (the new company also has a different VAT and different bank account), I do not know what is the process in the portal. The manuals I find are a bit vague and all mention to update the participant register, but I do not know what this means. The new company already has a PIC number and has been validated.


Can anyone help?



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Dear Clara and Marie, Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my question, they were very helpful. @Clara, our problem is that we do not know what the process is to show that the company has been purchased by another one…

Answer: Universal Takeover of Beneficiary question


Hi Eleni,  My institution went through a UTRO process in 2020. The new institution was created 6 months before it actually took over the rights and obligations of the old one. There was nothing to do for the projects (including…

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