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23 Jan 2019

Effective leadership for successful research & innovation

In this webinar central aspects of effective leadership and management of staff are discussed, including the impact on achievement of goals in general  and as relevant to quality research and innovation as well as to the wellbeing of people.
21 Dec 2018

BSB-webinar: Oceanogami: an ongoing experiment from academia to business

Are you thinking to be an entrepreneur? Are you thinking to move from academia to the business world? In this talk, I discuss my personal experience moving from academia to the business world. I talk about an ongoing experiment (Oceanogami), including challenges and lessons learn in the very first steps of moving to business and being an entrepreneur. I hope this talk will engage you to jump from the pool to the ocean.
30 Nov 2018

BSB-webinar: The innovation journey from research results to product

The innovation journey from research results to projects webinar will provide participants with an understanding of the key steps in the innovation journey that identifies research results with potential and brings them to market. The session will be delivered by the MERLIN project and will delve into the key aspects of engaging customers and finding finance. The webinar will deal with the following concepts: - An overview of the innovation journey - What are customers and why should I care? - Converting interviews to concepts - The entrepreneurial mindset - Different strategies for financing About the MERLIN project: MERLIN aims to support researchers and SMEs in the commercialisation enterprise through equipping them with new methodologies, skills and knowledge for approaching the innovation journey, creating connections with potential partners through organised meet-ups and identifying relevant support services available for the individual’s stage and maturity. MERLIN will especially target researchers who have previously received EU financing. MERLIN has been financed by the European Union in the context of the Innovation Radar under the Digital Single Market strategy.
25 Oct 2018

MCAA Webinar - Networking for Nerds: Create Your Dream Career(paid event)

Discover how networking and appropriate self-promotion can enable you to land or even create your dream job from scratch!
14 Jun 2018

BSB-webinar: Do I want to be an entrepreneur?

Our speaker, Rahul Bansal from the Climate-KIC, will give a talk on entrepreneurship and innovation. Are you thinking of your future…? Are you sitting on exciting ideas but not sure what to do with them? Will you work for a large organisation or do you want to start your own? Come to explore an entrepreneurial journey! Think through the possibilities and pitfalls of starting a venture. The objectives of the workshop will be to develop better understanding of entrepreneurship and business models. We will explore new ideas, develop ideas into business models and think through possibilities and pitfalls of starting a business. Let us come together to generate new ideas that offer solutions to world’s global challenges.