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16 May 2018

BSB-webinar: The dark side of leadership: abusive supervision in the workplace

Our speaker, Dr. Efrat Salton Meyer will presents a multidisciplinary perspective on negative workplace behavior. Abusive supervision refers to subordinates’ perceptions of the extent to which supervisors engage in the sustained display of hostile verbal and nonverbal behaviors toward them; it is widespread and its consequences have been found to be detrimental for individuals as well as for organizations. What predicts abusive supervision and its negative consequences in the workplace? The current lecture will discuss this significant question that has been at the center of the attention of a growing body of research in the contemporary trend of investigating the "dark side" of leadership, explanations regarding its occurrence and the negative consequences related to it will be reviewed.
12 Apr 2018

BSB-webnar: Rural Migrations: Opportunities and Challenges

Our guest speaker, Michele Nori from European University Institute will guide us into agriculture and the rural world in the EU, which offer an important opportunity for integrating a large number of immigrant communities. EU rural population is declining and ageing and the european agriculture sector suffers from the lack of skilled workforce and problems of generational renewal. The important and growing presence of foreigners in EU countryside represent an unvaluable opportunity to reverse these trends - as ongoing dynamics attest. A proactive approach is needed to capitalise on such opportunity, and to adequately tackle the related challenges.
23 Mar 2018

BSB-webinar: Bridging the academia and industry gap in drug development

Our guest speaker, Neta Zach from Teva Pharmaceuticals will guide us within the collaboration of industry and academia. While we know that they must work together to drive drug development innovation, there are many barriers to accomplish that. Neta will discuss what these barriers are and how to overcome them more effectively to facilitate joint development projects.
28 Feb 2018

BSB-Webinar: Why Science should look at Silicon Valley

Our guest speaker, Fran Cardells, describes the best practices from the world's most innovative companies, including Google, Facebook or Apple. Silicon Valley is the poster child for commercial success, workplace reputation and societal impact, therefore scientists look for a start-up model to extend the impact of their research: through commercialization, entrepreneurship or fundraising.
22 Jan 2018

BSB-Webinar: EU research funding opportunities for academia and industry

Our guest speaker, Dr. Oliver Díaz, will offer information about how to find funding to enhance research career.