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28 Feb 2018

BSB-Webinar: Why Science should look at Silicon Valley

Our guest speaker, Fran Cardells, describes the best practices from the world's most innovative companies, including Google, Facebook or Apple. Silicon Valley is the poster child for commercial success, workplace reputation and societal impact, therefore scientists look for a start-up model to extend the impact of their research: through commercialization, entrepreneurship or fundraising.
22 Jan 2018

BSB-Webinar: EU research funding opportunities for academia and industry

Our guest speaker, Dr. Oliver Díaz, will offer information about how to find funding to enhance research career.
15 Dec 2017

BSB-Webinar: Project management for MSC fellows

Our guest speaker, Dr. Natalia Balcazár, offers some ideas to get projects done efficiently and discuss the questions you have about this topic.
27 Nov 2017

BSB Webinar: Start-up 101

Our guest speaker, Dr. Marco Masia, introduces basic elements of starting up a business and discusses the questions you have about this topic.