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MCAA China Chapter co-organises and supports the China-UK Technology Summit 2023

MCAA China Chapter co-organises and supports the China-UK Science and Technology Summit 2023 as a supporting organisation. A large number of government officials, academicians and other world-renowned experts have been invited to this international conference. Welcome your attention and participation in this international conference.

MCAA China Chapter Co-organized and supported The 2nd Europe-China Eco-Environmental Forum for Young Scholars (2023)

On August 25- 26, MCAA China Chapter together with ECAEE will host the second "Europe-China Eco-Environmental Forum for Young Scholars". The Forum will be held both online (via Tencent Live) and in person at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). All speakers are young Chinese scholars working in Europe, including junior faculties, Humboldt scholars, Marie-Curie scholars, and postdoctoral researchers. The forum will focus on five themes: Water Treatment and Recovery; Environmental Health and Toxicology; Environmental Microbiology and Molecular Ecology; Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development; Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change.

The MCAA Around the World Webinar QuakeBridge: Science, Business, and Policy for Effective Earthquake Readiness of the BSB WG and Turkey Chapter

The main objective of this event is to bring together experts from academia, the industry and policymakers to foster in-depth discussions leading to the definition of precautionary measures. We want to create a cooperative structure that proactively addresses the potential destruction brought on by earthquakes by utilizing the pooled expertise and assets of these three different sectors.The event aims at initiating discussions on how policymakers can regulate the implementation of sustainable techniques in both short and long-term earthquake preparedness plans as well as the business perspective of adapting them.
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