What do Marie Curie Fellows (MCF) expect from their website?

As the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) website is intended to meet the needs of the Marie Curie fellows, we surveyed many of you to understand what you expect from your website ... So far we've received 4 500 replies ... here, just for you, is a sneak preview of the wish list!

Whose views are these?
  • Who replied?
  • The typical MCAA website user is:
    • a full-time employee (92% of respondents);
    • with experience (>80% with more than five years of experience).
  • Where had the Alumni already worked?
    • Europe (97%);
    • North America (36%);
    • Asia and Australia (15%);
    • South and Central America (5%);
    • Africa (2.5%).
  • Are Alumni registered on social networks?
    Three-quarters of respondents describe themselves as active on social networks:
    • 71.5% are on LinkedIn;
    • 67.5% are on Facebook;
    • 17% are on Twitter;
    • Around 15% are on ResearchGate;
    • 4% are on Xing.
  • Do the Alumni consider the MCAA important?
    Most of the respondents (90%) believe that the MCAA could become important for the research community, and 80% would be able and willing to guide and assist (mentor) younger researchers in managing their career. So don't hold back - browse alumni here and find your potential "mentor"!
  • Are Alumni prepared to support the association actively?
    Some 73% of the respondents are willing to participate in MCAA working groups and around 50% would participate in MCAA governing bodies and take part in MCAA activities. What's more, some 46% would join MCAA online discussion groups (see graph 1).

MC Alumni expectations
  • What would Alumni most like to find on the website?
    You said you would like to find information on (see graph 2):
    1. Grants / funding (92%) and micro-grants (64%);
    2. Job opportunities (76%) and career support (62%);
    3. Country guidance / information (59%);
    4. Networking with other members (57%).

  • What else would Alumni find helpful?
    1. Newsletters (60% desirable) - for two thirds (67%) these should be monthly;
    2. A library/repository/media bank (58% desirable);
    3. Events calendar (61% desirable);
    4. Discussion board/forum (61% desirable);
    5. Membership sub-groups (51% desirable).
    Many features are already available on the website, and others are in the pipeline (check out the article "The Marie Curie Alumni Association Website is online!")... but do not hesitate to submit additional ideas here!
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