The Marie Curie Alumni Association Website is online!

As of this summer, Marie Curie fellows and alumni have a new website!

With present and past Marie Curie fellows counting an estimated 50 000, they account for nearly 4% of all European researchers. So with this new tool, the Marie Curie community has the potential to become a social network phenomenon!

This is your space. Have a look at what the site can do for you!

The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) website is intended as a space where past and present Marie Curie fellows have plenty of opportunities to build and to foster their own unique community.

Exchange! The MCAA website is above all a space where alumni can exchange experiences, ideas and information. There are several functions at your disposal. You may create a blog or group to share information of common interest. You can comment on any post already online. Check out both the blog section and the groups section.

Stay informed! The page dedicated to news and feeds keeps you up to date with the latest research developments around the world. The icing on the cake is the events section, bringing together a wide range of conferences, forums and seminars for researchers taking place around Europe and beyond.

Contact! Do you want to contact a fellow? Nothing is more simple thanks to the database at your disposal. Moreover, you may browse alumni by nationality, current organisation, current country, current city, gender, framework programme, host country, host city, host institute, Marie Curie Action, scientific panel, scientific sub-panel and academic title. You may also get in touch with any of these fellows by sending a message via the site (when the person is registered on the web portal).

Organise! Arrange an event or meeting with other alumni and share it with the community!

Keep an eye on research posts! Access the EURAXESS portal directly from the website's job section.

Respond to calls for proposals! The calls section gives a complete overview of the latest calls for proposals as well as calls for tenders published in the Research Participant Portal.

What's in the pipeline for the MCAA website?

Plenty of other functions are foreseen to help you build up your community.

A library/online repository will allow members to add documents (reports, papers, etc.) that other members may access. These could include documents already published elsewhere on the Internet, but a storage facility will also allow members to publish documents not available elsewhere. This will be extended to 'multi-media' assets such as videos, audio files, databases, etc.

A map-based search will make it possible to find other members in or near to a specific locality/region.

An electronic voting system will enable the MCAA board to consult members on key issues.

An enhanced 'Jobs' page will present a wider selection of opportunities.

Share your ideas!

Is there a function that you would like to see on your website? Do not hesitate to submit your ideas and proposals here... they are more than welcome. The site aspires to meet your needs!

Do not forget to register!

To access all these functions, just register on the web portal. Click here, it won't take more than two minutes! Just give us your first name, surname, title, nationality, gender, your e-mail address, you contract number, your proposal number, your project acronym, your scientific panel, your Marie Curie Action and your Framework Programme and then you will be welcomed by the MCAA community!

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