Meet the MCAA Editorial Board - Ruben Riosa hopes members will keep sharing their stories


As the Chair of the MCAA Communication Working Group and the Managing Editor of the MCAA’s Newsletter and IRRADIUM Magazine, Ruben Riosa is calling for members' stories.

Ruben Riosa, in his own words

My background defines me as an animal nutritionist, but over the last years I became passionate and specialised in Science Communication. Presently, I am finishing my European Joint Doctorate in Molecular Nutrition (MANNA), working on a project which focuses on dairy cows’ nutrition and physiology, and presently I am an Associate Medical Communications Manager for an European Medical communications agency.

I also can’t leave my house without my camera! I love photography. I love to hike and ski. Mountains are my second home!

Ruben Riosa

As the Chair of the MCAA Communication working group and Managing Editor, Ruben focuses mainly on communicating with contributing authors to discuss the articles they have submitted for publication on the MCAA website and in publications. He makes sure to keep them informed as regards the review process of the article, publication dates, and general inquiries.

Ruben also works closely with MCAA Editor-in-Chief, Gian Maria Greco, supporting him in the overall communication within the team. Reaching out to the MCAA members is key. “Your support will always be important,” he says. “We want to hear your stories, your experience within the MCAA, the secrets of your research projects, and why not, your accomplishments. What we want to keep doing is telling the whole MCAA community (and beyond) how many great researchers are out there.”

“Every new issue has interesting articles to read”

Ruben says he became interested in volunteering on the MCAA’s editorial Board after browsing the newsletters and magazine. “Every new issue has interesting articles to read, and our work towards a more accessible publication is a big motivation,” he explains.

For him, the team’s work represents another motivation to develop the editorial activities of the MCAA. “Everyone is pushing very hard to find some free time to work for MCAA, and it’s this dedication that creates a great and united team,” he says.

The Editorial Board welcomes the continuous stream of articles proposed and submitted by MCAA members. For Ruben, this engagement from members shows a significant community spirit, which is paramount. “Without contributions, probably there won’t be a newsletter, or at least, it won’t be as diverse and inspiring as it is now,” he notes.

In addition to promoting the diversity and variety of the editorial contributions received, Ruben is also keen to increase the inclusivity and accessibility of communication products. “It seems easy from the outside to modify a layout or a font, but in reality it took us a lot of time and discussions to take this step,” he adds. “With the June issue of the newsletter, we developed a new layout that makes the user experience more accessible. Our final goal will certainly be to create a more inclusive research community.”

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Aurélia Chaise
MCAA Editorial Team

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