Meet the MCAA Editorial Board - Sugosh Prabhu: It all started with a blog post


Sugosh Prabhu, who joined the editorial team in 2021, shares with us his enthusiasm to be part of activities which allow him to interact with individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Sugosh Prabhu

Sugosh Prabhu, in his own words

I am a researcher in Chemical Sciences. I completed my PhD from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India. My doctoral thesis revolved around understanding solute solvent interactions in complex fluids with the help of time resolved fluorescence techniques.

I did my postdoctoral research (Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship) at KU Leuven (Belgium). My research focused on understanding Ionic Liquid – nucleic acid interactions by using a combination of spectroscopic and scanning probe techniques.

Apart from research, I am interested in policy, science communication and science diplomacy.

It all started with a blog post ‘Postdocs matter: We have to rescue the boat!’ that Sugosh submitted in February 2021. Encouraged by the great collaboration with the editorial team, he decided to join and bring his contribution to the editorial activities of the association.

“The MCAA editorial team consists of individuals who are committed towards fostering inclusivity and diversity,” he says. “As a member of the editorial team I have a front row seat to read stories and articles that offer excellent insights into the research conducted by MSCA fellows. My role within the editorial team has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone to understand articles that are beyond my field of expertise.”

What’s more, this role offers him also an incredible opportunity to interact with individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Reading articles, guiding writers

As part of his tasks, Sugosh enjoys reading the articles submitted by the members and explains that his role is also to share good practices with them: “I work towards enhancing the quality of the submitted articles by suggesting changes in the language, structure and diction of the content. I nudge the authors to consider the corrections by providing appropriate justifications,” he says.

More recently, Sugosh became involved in suggesting themes and topics for the upcoming issues of the newsletters and the magazine. He is quick to highlight the latest improvements in accessibility of the newsletters and magazines.

What’s more, he welcomes the diversity of topics dealt with, like inclusivity, the EU Green Deal and the pandemic. “I am proud of the coordinated efforts that have allowed us to publish rich content even in 2020-2021 – a year that has changed our perceptions on so many aspects,” he says.

“The MCAA is one of the few organisations that can boast of an incredible talent pool,” he adds. “Many MCAA members are at the helm of pursuing ground-breaking research on some of the most pressing issues that affect society. The editorial team therefore has created a platform that not only highlights the research and achievements of the MCAA members but also allows space for opinions and viewpoints,” he concludes.

Aurélia Chaise
MCAA Editorial Team

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