Events that we attended for you – the Neurobiotech project’s press conference at the European Parliament

Special coverage – Neurobiotech project




We attended the press conference hosted by Neuromed and the Intelligence in Science communication agency that launched the Neurobiotech project at the European Parliament. Here is a sneak preview of the project’s aims and stakes.

What is it? The "Neurobiotech" project aims to set up an International Research and Innovation Community on Neuroscience.

The community will take the form of a scientific cluster, where research, innovation, technology transfer and training will be focused on the common goal of sharing and integrating knowledge. Neurobiotech will also stimulate research activities in the field of Neuroscience with a multidisciplinary approach, encouraging research, exchange of know-how, intensive interaction and the joint use of infrastructures, facilities and services.

Who are the leading organisations of the project? Neurobiotech is promoted by the Italian research Centre Neuromed in cooperation with:

Why an International Research Community? The Community will involve different actors from the scientific and international innovation system, all wanting to increase both progress and knowledge in the neurosciences and technologies. It will be a network of companies, researchers, clinicians and scientists.

The Research and Innovation Centre, located in Pozzilli, Italy, will stimulate, sustain and lead projects of technological and scientific research in neurosciences and biotechnologies.

What is the focus of the project?

  • Cutting-edge biotechnologies;
  • Stem cells, tissue engineering and cell biology;
  • Genomics and oncogenomics;
  • Nanotechnologies and biomaterials;
  • Biomechanics, robotics and human-computer interface;
  • Neurodiagnostic tests and advances imaging;
  • Telemedicine and remote diagnostics;
  • Bioinformatics.

Want to become a member of the Community? More information available here: