Interview with Amit Zodge, Vice-Chair

1. May I ask you to introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Amit Dadabhau Zodge, I am from India.

My Marie Curie Action was an ITN DoHip. I have international experience as a PhD candidate.

2. Why did you apply for the Vice-Chair Person position within the MCAA?

Well, this is the key and important question for me. The sixth President of USA, John Quincy Adams, said: “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. I joined the MCAA for scientific leadership to popularise science by means of global scientific outreach activities.

3. How will you organise the handover with the previous Vice-Chair?

Mutual communication, sharing of experience, advice for tackling key issues would be my tools for handover with the previous Vice-Chair.

4. As the MCAA Vice-Chair, what do you plan to do first?

To focus on global scientific outreach activities. An agile and progressive internal system to address MCAA milestones with a broader perspective.

5. What do you think the MCAA’s priorities should be?

As stated in the objectives, the MCAA is connecting all nationals, regardless of borders. Its activities are also bridging the gap between industry and academia. I think more efforts will be needed to broaden the scope. To address Alumni’s issues and to emerge as a global scientific platform should be the priorities.

6. How do you plan to organise your work within the MCAA and especially your collaboration with the other Members of the Board?

I wish to dedicate my active involvement to establishing protocols, from the apex level to those for associated Chapters for global outreach activities. Those activities include a global scientific quiz, a novel scientific write-up award, a global scientific awareness programme etc. continual group events, activities with associated chapters, and exchanges of the views, ideas with board members.

7. What would you say to the Alumni, especially to those who elected you?

I wish to thank my voters and all MCAA members for giving me an opportunity to work for the MCAA. I will always give my best to take the MCAA to new heights – with your support. Let’s join hands to work together for a “Global MCAA”.

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