Meet your new Board - Corinne Portioli, Board Member – Fostering MCAA’s awareness at the local level


Corinne Portioli joined the MCAA two years ago and is strongly motivated to contribute to the newly elected Board. On top of her agenda: organising events, increasing membership and raising awareness about the Association.

Corinne Portioli, in her own words

I hold a Master of Science (MSc) in medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology and a PhD in Neuroscience, and I am currently working at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Italy.

I have been granted a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action - Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF) (2019-2021) between the United States and Italy.

Currently, I am an MSCA-COFUND researcher. For a long time, I have been interested and guided by passion to find new drugs to tackle neurological diseases.

I am also a Prince 2 certified project manager, which completes my scientific profile between neuroscience, nanomedicine and drug discovery.

I am part of Women in Bio (WIB) (Texas chapter) to promote diversity and inclusion of women in life sciences, and I look forward to sharing insights and collaborating globally.

Corinne has been an MCAA member since 2020. When she decided to join the community, she was happy to be able to access numerous training courses and learning platforms that are at the disposal of the alumni.

Having benefited from these advantages and willing to do more for the Association, she decided to apply as a Board Member in December 2021 and was successfully elected. “Being a Board Member is an honour, a pleasure, and an invaluable occasion to share my background of international experiences and global mindset,” she explains.

Getting active within the Board

As a new Board Member, Corinne already has diverse ideas on how she will contribute. “I will play an active role in promoting the benefit of science in a society that needs to be diverse, unbiased and inclusive; I will be an advisor of MCAA's mission to spread scientific knowledge, to involve more members in the network, and to improve and expand MCAA local chapter activities,” she says.

More specifically, Corinne will dedicate her time organising events (hybrid and in person), annual meetings and thematic sessions. What’s more, she would like to focus on members’ engagement as well as membership’s promotion.

The importance of the local level

Based in Genoa, Italy, Corinne also plans to foster awareness of MCAA at the local level. “I noticed that there is no MCAA Italy chapter satellite at local level, although there are scientific realities of national relevance that attract many MSCA Fellows. Representing the point of contact with the MCAA community, I would like to contribute to gathering our members, to share experiences and to promote and diffuse the concept of being part of a worldwide community,” she explains.

In her opinion, her international experience will help her to achieve her goals within the Board and she is looking forward to starting work with the other members, without forgetting to have fun at the same time!

Like her other colleagues on the MCAA Board, Corinne strongly believes that the participation of all MCAA members is essential to make the community lively. “To MCAA members I want to say to actively join this community and to keep in touch with the Board Members, fostering progress with inputs and suggestions for an always better and more effective MCAA,” she concludes.

Aurélia Chaise
MCAA Editorial Team

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