Meet your new Board - Alexandra Dubini, Vice-Chair – Enhancing the independence and sustainability of the MCAA


Previously a Board Member, Alexandra Dubini is one of the two newly elected Vice-Chairs of the Association. She plans to work towards the independence of the Association, as well on the promotion of renewable energies and women in science.

Alexandra Dubini, in her own words

I am a molecular biologist by heart and work with green algae. Over the years, I have moved from bacteria to microalgae but have always studied hydrogen production pathways.

I combine both bacteria and algae to increase the hydrogen production rate while remediating wastewater and the production of biomass.

During my career, I obtained two Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA-COFUND) Fellowships which allowed me to work in France and in Spain on a similar subject matter.

I also worked for 10 years in the US and completed almost all my studies in the UK.

Now, I am a distinguished researcher at the University of Cordoba, Spain.

The newly elected MCAA Vice-Chair is already familiar with the functioning of the Board, as she was part of the previous team over the past two years. As a former Board Member, Alexandra underlines the complexity of the Association and is happy to be able to build on this experience.

“Being a member has provided an indispensable experience for me to be Vice-Chair. The Association has a very complex structure, and it took me a while to really understand it,” she says.

Fostering the independence of the Association

Alexandra is now confident that the new Board will help take the MCAA to the next level. “We have new exciting things waiting for us. Hopefully, the new CSA contract will be funded, and we will be able to hire experts in different areas,” she adds.

The new Vice-Chair already has a clear vision of the new Board’s duties. To her, independence and delegation are key to a successful MCAA journey. “I am hoping that soon we'll be able to focus on the strategy, vision and mission, and the internal governance of the MCAA,” she explains.

Green matters

With a significant experience in the sector or renewable energies, Alexandra is committed to working within the MCAA to promote sustainability as well as the objectives of the Green Deal. “I'll do my best to represent MCAA in green deal type events and, when possible, participate in workshops and trainings on sustainability,” she explains.

Our Vice-Chair also has ideas on the direction the MCAA should take in terms of sustainability. “In the coming years, we should try to have a seminar-type presentation that could be part of any chapter chart, and why not have an active working group on sustainability and the Green Deal? A dedicated working group would help develop specific activities,” she adds.

Promoting Gender, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI)

Alexandra would also like to dedicate her time within the MCAA to promoting women in science, as she has already been doing the past years. She will be one of the direct liaisons between the Board and the (GEDI) Working Group.

“I think one of the main activities to develop is to first put GEDI in contact with all the chapters and see how we can collaborate. GEDI activities need to be promoted in general within the MCAA and outside of course but I am not worried; I saw in Lisbon that many people were very active, men and women, and we just need to use this enthusiasm to go a little bit further,” says Alexandra.

Our new Vice-Chair welcomes all MCAA members’ ideas. “MCAA is like a big, diverse family. We also welcome anyone willing to dedicate time and effort to work on specific working groups or chapters. Please, check out our webpage, LinkedIn or social media. There is always something going on, and we hope to see you at some of the organised events,” she concludes.

Aurélia Chaise
MCAA Editorial Team

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