Meet your new Board - Gledson Emidio, Vice Chair – Streamline the MCAA management


Previous MCAA board member and new vice Chair, Gledson Emidio plans to continue his work towards lighter and more efficient management of the association.

Gledson Emidio, in his own words

I am a multidisciplinary scientist with a strong interest in the dynamics of knowledge creation and dissemination. I have been transitioning from a research-based career in chemistry/pharmaceutical sciences to science support. I had the opportunity to work in Portugal as a scientific consultant, moved to Scotland to do my MSCA fellowship, and I’m currently living in Brazil

Gledson Emidio has been volunteering with the MCAA since 2015 when he was a member in Scotland. Upon returning to Brazil, together with other fellows, he created the Brazil chapter, became its secretary, then vice-chair, and later chair. In September 2022 Gledson was nominated as an MCAA board member due to his active involvement and contributions to the Management Working Group, and now he has been elected vice-Chair.

Management Working Group

Building upon the work he developed together with Esther Hertz on the previous Board, Gledson will be busy streamlining the flow of information between the Board, chapters, and working groups. ‘Especially now, with the new CSA, the MCAA will have more freedom to re-write most of the rules and guidelines and remove some of the bottlenecks that hinder the communication and execution of tasks’, he remarks. Gledson will also focus on the workflows for decision making in consultation with board members. He aims to ease the burden on board members and Chairs of chapters/WGs. ‘People have their full-time jobs, so their time volunteering with the MCAA needs to be valued. We need simplified processes to allow more time to focus on sactual contributions instead of bureaucratic or inefficient processes’.

Open Science

Gledson is also interested in research evaluation and open science. He believes we are living in a critical moment for change, in which everyone should have a voice. As a South American scientist, Gledson stresses that, ‘the experiences and views of the Global South should be listened to more attentively to move to the right direction’.

Great team

Gledson considers himself fortunate to be at the MCAA during this critical transition to the CSA. ‘I learnt a lot from the previous Board, especially from Mostafa Shawrav Moonir, a great mentor and leader. Now, with the guidance of Fernanda and the company of such intelligent and interesting people on the new Board, I’m sure we will have a great time building this new MCAA together!”

Ruben Riosa
MCAA Editorial Board

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